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ArtPremium Magazine

Visually engaging, intelligent, elegant and with no advertising, ArtPremium is a print magazine on contemporary art in English with a quarterly worldwide distribution. The magazine’s principal objective is to deliver high-quality journalism emphasising on the allure of images and the concision of texts. We engage artists, artistic directors, collectors, curators, and others alike in thought-provoking conversations on their fields of expertise.

Founded in 2003, ArtPremium’s editor-in-chief, Corinne Timsit and Eric Bonici, publishing director, leads her diverse and dedicated editorial team to bring our audience a fresh perspective and journey into the contemporary art world.

ArtPremium Collection

“One Artist, One Magazine”, ArtPremium Collection is a publication fully dedicated to an artist in a magazine format.

Corporate Art Magazine

Corporate Art is a print magazine in English indispensable to all decision-makers who integrate art in the strategy of development of their oraorganizations..

Bringing you a veritable insight into the contemporary art world, each issue of Corporate Art Magazine covers topics oriented exclusively to the corporate realm: patronage, art collections around the globe, events, art market reports, design, profiles on emerging artists to follow, and conversations with experts on the financial and legal side of art.


An unprecedented virtual experience into the world of contemporary art, ArtPremium.com: the Art Work Acquisition Platform (AWAP) offers vast resources to a carefully curated selection of artists and their work. On this online platform, you will find interactive videos of the artist ateliers, interviews with the artists, 3-D installation of the artworks where you can get a realistic feel of the material, and essentially everything you will need to get up close and personal with your favourite artists. The new version of ArtPremium will be available by June 2018. 

From the vision brought on by the two print publications, our Art Advisory Agency offers curated strategic advice on knowing how to acquire artworks, building up and managing a personal or corporate art collection as well as event management.